Demonstrating DeepFrame™ Mixed Reality Display

This event is to demonstrate the latest innovative 3D mixed reality solutions.

Such as DeepFrame™, Dreamoc HD displays which are optimal ways of showcasing your brand and product at any type of event, as it fascinates an audience by combining a physical product with superimposed digital layers, creating the visual effect of floating holograms. This effect awakens curiosity in the human brain and draws in your audience keeping them pinned and allowing you to tell your story in a visually fascinating way.

This Mixed Reality Display will make you stand out at EVENTS and trade EXHIBITS !

Technical information:

A DeepFrame™ display setup consists of the DeepFrame™ (optical lens) together with an HD or 4K screen. The content from your screen is reflected and magnified through the DeepFrame, thereby creating the mixed reality experience of your content appearing as a hologram when looking through the optical lens.

The hologram can appear in size to be anything from 50×50 cm (~20×20 in) up to 2×2 km (~1.5×1.5 mi)

DeepFrame allows you to create a hologram that seemingly appears to in reality from min. 3,5m distance, up to ca. 200m distance.

Currently, the DeepFrame™ lens comes in one size, 1150x1150mm (~45×45 in)


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Demonstrating DeepFrame Mixed Reality Display

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